Eastern Dwarven Province

Current Affairs: The Eastern Dwarves are currently continuing the kingdom of Frerin who advocates a suspicious eye on the eastern border with the kingdoms of men as well as a very diligent and well maintained army which is quite unusual for the dwarves of the east.

Economics: The eastern dwarves are known for producing much of the jewels and precious metals of the world. The finest jewelers and artisans sell their wares from this province. They also produce blukrok, a rare substance that burns ten times as long and ten times as hot as wood but they greatly control its sale to foreign bodies.

Geography: The eastern mountain range of the dwarves is lower and more forested than its western counterpart. Rivers flow through the valleys between the peaks as well.

Flora and Fauna: Herds of Derstahg, mountain deer, roam the eastern mountains as well as packs of wolves. The deep caves in the mountains contain many unusual beasts as well and dragons have historically been found deep within the peaks.

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Eastern Dwarven Province

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