Current Affairs: Laftikus is currently doing well under the rule of the halfling king Antigonus with a fair amount of credit given to his mysterious satyr steward. They maintain a small armed force without much thought given to it.

Economics: The halflings of Laftikus depend on the river Flumen, the satyrs produce goods of the forest, and the minotaurs work the mines. This is not law in Laftikus merely noticeable practice. They also ship many foreign goods down the river from R’ah Gulstav for distribution among the southern nations.

Geography: Green rolling hills with flourishing temperate forests make up the edges of Laftikus while its prominent feature is the river Flumen and lake Lochria to the north.

Flora and Fauna: The flora and fauna for Laftikus is typical of the mid-eastern coast but many unique forms of river based life can be found on the Flumen.

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