Current Affairs: A rare period of peace graces the orcs of Orsimer. They thrive without attack from their neighbors and have used this rare freedom to build up their army, knowing that peace cannot last.

Economics: Orcs use a tribal system and pillage what they cannot produce themselves although the orcs of Orsimer have been known to produce for themselves fairly well.

Geography: Mountains are found to the north and south of Orsimer and create a large valley that the nation rests in. There are some rivers found running between the mountain ranges as well. Grassland and rolling hills cover most of the ground here.

Flora and Fauna: Large grazing animals such as ox and ur’guk, large brontosaurus-like creatures, populate the fields and are hunted by equally large predators such as worgs. The vegetation is more simple consisting of grasses, shrubs, and standard temperate forests.

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