Western Dwarven Province

Current Affairs: The Kingdom of Thrain has recently ended due to the death of the heirless king Thrain IX. This has left the dwarves of the western province clamoring to select a new king in order to successfully continue to fight back the forces of their hostile souther neighbors.

Economics: The Western Dwarves are more known for producing much of the worlds steel as well as selling many finely made weapons and armors. They are outfitters for many of the kingdoms’ armies. They also produce many fine tools for use by artisans throughout the world.

Geography: The Western mountain range is notably higher and rockier than the eastern counterpart. It’s jaged peaks stretch miles into the sky. lakes pool in the valleys in between the high mountains.

Flora and Fauna: Herds of mountain goats roam the peaks of the western range. Many lizards are found in the rocky landscape as well. At higher elevations the beasts become noticeably larger and more dangerous. Not too much forestation is present in the western range and at elevation only a few shrubs can be found.

Western Dwarven Province

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